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raccess4vbox3 - Configuration

Path names may be wrong.

Choose a user to run a vbox3 voice box (e.g. 'phone').

Become root and create a spool directory for the user:

  $ su
  # mkdir /var/spool/vbox/phone
  # chown phone /var/spool/vbox/phone
Choose at least one ttyI to run a vboxgetty (ttyI4).

Choose at least one MSN to run a voice box (791357914 and 791357915).

Edit /etc/isdn/vbox/vboxgetty.conf and put Your MSNs into the value of initnumber in section VBOXGETTY-TTY like this (see ttyI(4), AT commands &E and &L):

  init          =       ATZ&B512
  initnumber    =       AT&L791357914;791357915
Add a section for each MSN like this:
  user          =       phone
  group         =       phone
  umask         =       0077
  hdspace       =       5000000
Start the vboxgetty: As user running this voice box change to Your spool directory:
  $ su - phone
  $ cd /var/spool/vbox/phone
and copy all files from the skel-directory:
  $ cp -pr /usr/share/isdn/vbox/skel/* .
Change permissions and edit raccess/answeringmachine to change the PIN to run remote access mode (*1910#)
  $ chmod 600 raccess/answeringmachine
  $ vi raccess/answeringmachine
Try out Your vbox3 voice box.

Take a look at the configuration files in Your spool directory. You can edit them now or later for individual configuration. You can put Your own standard.ulaw and beep.ulaw and other messages in msg/ now or later.

See Configuration files for more information about the configuration files of raccess4vbox3.

Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>
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