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qconfirm-cdb-update - maintain a constant database for the use with qconfirm-cdb-check(1)


qconfirm-cdb-update [-vrf] [-c cdb] [-t sec] [-m min] [-l limit] [-s state]


qconfirm-cdb-check conditionally transfers known envelope sender address ids from the qconfirm directory into the constant database cdb.

By default, qconfirm-cdb-update scans the directory ~/.qconfirm/ok for empty files created by qconfirm-check(1). It ignores file names starting with a dot, and files without the user’s write permission set. If qconfirm-cdb-update finds a minimum number of new files, it adds the corresponding ids to the constant database ~/.qconfirm/ok.cdb, and removes the files.

While manipulating ~/.qconfirm/ok.cdb, qconfirm-cdb-update removes ids with time-stamps that are more than sec seconds older than the current time.


-c cdb
The filename of the constant database to be updated. Default is ‘‘ok.cdb’’ (in the qconfirm directory). This option also overrides the environment variable QCONFIRM_OKCDB, and the configuration file QCONFIRM_OKCDB. Note: If qconfirm-cdb-check updates cdb, it creates cdb.tmp as temporary file. If cdb.tmp exists, it will be destroyed.
-t sec
Set the timeout for removing ids from the constant database to sec seconds. Default is 15724786. If sec is 0, qconfirm-cdb-update does not remove any ids from cdb.
-m min
Set the minimum number of new id files to be added to the constant database to min. Default is 100. If min is 0, qconfirm-cdb-update always updates cdb.
-l limit
Set the maximum number of new ids to be added to the constant database to limit. limit must be between 1 and 1000. Default is 300.
-s state
The directory to be scanned for new ids. Default is ‘‘ok’’ (in the qconfirm directory).
remove. Remove id files from the qconfirm directory that are also in cdb. Normally qconfirm-cdb-update ignores these files.
force. Process all id files in the qconfirm directory. Normally qconfirm-cdb-update skips id files that were added or modified within the last 24 hours. Note that using this option may prevent currently pending ids from be confirmed manually under certain conditions.
verbose. Print verbose messages to standard output.


qconfirm-cdb-update reads its configuration from files in the subdirectory conf/ of the qconfirm directory (normally ‘‘~/.qconfirm/conf/’’). Only the first line of a configuration file is considered.
The configuration file QCONFIRM_OKCDB overrides the default name of the user’s constant database for known ids (‘‘ok.cdb’’).


The environment variable QCONFIRM_DIR overrides the default location of the user’s qconfirm directory (‘‘.qconfirm’’).
The environment variable QCONFIRM_OKCDB overrides the default name of the user’s constant database for known ids (‘‘ok.cdb’’), and the configuration file QCONFIRM_OKCDB.

See Also

qconfirm-cdb-check(1), qconfirm(1), qconfirm-check(1), qconfirm-conf(1), qconfirm-inject(1), qconfirm-notice(1), qconfirm-accept(1), qconfirm-return(1), qconfirm-control(1)



Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>

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