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qconfirm-notice - handles delivery notifications for mail injected through qconfirm-inject(1)


in .qmail:
|qconfirm-notice [-Av] [-d dir] [-i bytes] [-tmda]


qconfirm-notice normally runs from a .qmail file automatically created by qconfirm-conf(1) to handle delivery notifications (bounces) for mail injected through qconfirm-inject(1).

qconfirm-notice checks the validity of the delivery notification, and attempts to only allow notifications for mail messages injected through qconfirm-inject(1) to be delivered.

If qconfirm-notice identifies a delivery notifications as delivery confirmation request message for a mail injected through qconfirm-inject(1), it automatically sends a delivery confirmation message.

If qconfirm-notice(1) sees the .qmail file it is invoked from to be in use for long enough, it sets up a copy of the .qmail file with a slightly modified address extension, and tells qconfirm-inject(1) to inject mail so that delivery notifications are processed through the new .qmail file. Older .qmail file are removed automatically.


no auto-confirmation. Do not automatically send delivery confirmation messages when detecting a delivery confirmation request.
verbose. Print verbose messages to standard error.
-d dir
Override the default qconfirm directory (‘‘~/.qconfirm’’) and the environment variable QCONFIRM_DIR with dir.
-i bytes
Include the top bytes bytes of the delivery confirmation request message when automatically sending a delivery confirmation message. Default is 8192.
Attempt to automatically confirm delivery of mail messages sent to tmda(1) users.


qconfirm-notice reads its configuration from files in the subdirectory conf/ of the qconfirm directory (normally ‘‘~/.qconfirm/conf/’’). Only the first line of a configuration file is considered.
The configuration file QNOTICE_EXT overrides the default extension to be used to receive delivery notifications (‘‘qnotice-’’).
The configuration file QCONFIRM_MAILNAME overrides the default mailname in the from header of delivery confirmation messages (‘‘qconfirm’’).
The configuration file QNOTICE_KEY_TIMEOUT sets the timeout for expiration of a .qmail file that handled delivery notifications in seconds. Default is 8467200.


The environment variable QCONFIRM_DIR overrides the default location of the user’s qconfirm directory (‘‘.qconfirm/’’).



See Also

qconfirm(1), qconfirm-inject(1), qconfirm-check(1), qconfirm-conf(1), qconfirm-accept(1), qconfirm-control(1), qconfirm-cdb-check(1), qconfirm-cdb-update(1), qconfirm-return(1)



Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>

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