G. Pape

tinydyndns - configuration

Before starting the pop-before-dyndns service, you will make to have four decisions: Create the tinydyndns service directories by running the tinydyndns-conf program.
 # tinydyndns-conf tinydyn dnslog /etc/tinydyn dyn.smarden.org
Tell svscan about the new services:
 # ln -s /etc/tinydyn /service/
 # ln -s /etc/tinydyn/pop /service/tinydyn-pop
Wait five seconds for the services to start and check the logs:
 # less /service/tinydyn/log/main/current
 # less /service/tinydyn-pop/log/main/current
Now tell the pop-before-dyndns service about a dynamic hostname it should handle, say floyd:
 # su - tinydyn
 $ cd /etc/tinydyn/pop
 $ ./setpasswd floyd guest
Activate this hostname by connecting to the tinydyn-pop service as user floyd:
 $ telnet 110
 Connected to
 Escape character is '^]'.
 +OK <8746.1015174596@dyn.smarden.org>
 USER floyd
 PASS guest
 Connection closed by foreign host.
Check the tinydyn service for this dynamic hostname:
 $ dnsq a floyd.dyn.smarden.org
The output should show your system's IP address in the answer section.

To tell the tinydyn service about more dynamic hostnames, just run the setpasswd script as user tinydyn as shown above.

Finally, tell the administrator of smarden.org to delegate the domain dyn.smarden.org to the server a.ns.dyn.smarden.org running on IP address

Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>