G. Pape

tinydyndns - fake-pop3d

Since the POP mailbox used by the pop-before-dyndns service never contains mail, there is no need to run a real pop3 server, and for having a Maildir/ at all. You can test to replace the qmail-pop3d in /etc/tinydyn/pop/run with this fake-pop3d script:
 echo '+OK '
 read input
 if [ "$input" = 'LIST' ]; then
   echo '+OK'
   echo '.'
 elif [ "$input" = 'STAT' ]; then
   echo '+OK 0 0'
 read input
 echo '+OK'
 exit 0
An example /etc/tinydyn/pop/run script:
 exec softlimit -m 4000000 envdir ./env tcpserver -vRH a.b.c.d 110 \
   /var/qmail/bin/qmail-popup dyn.smarden.org \
     cvm-checkpassword cvm-pwfile sh -c '
       echo "login: $USER: $TCPREMOTEIP" >&7
       cd /etc/tinydyn/root
       setlock data.cdb \
       tinydyndns-update $USER.dyn.smarden.org $TCPREMOTEIP >&7 2>&1
       cd /etc/tinydyn/pop
       exec /etc/tinydyn/pop/fake-pop3d
     ' 2>&1 7>&1

Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>