G. Pape


vboxputty - a self-dialing/-calling vboxgetty (vbox3)


vboxputty -d device -c phonenumber [-w seconds] [-b seconds] [-r num] [-x debug] [-e] [-vh]


vboxputty is a vboxgetty(8), not waiting for, but triggering a phone call. After connect, vboxputty is acting exactly like vboxgetty(8). vboxputty exits with 0 if a connection was established, 99 on BUSY.


-d, --device device
use device for this putty. device is one of /dev/ttyI*, see ttyI(4).
-c, --call phonenumber
call phonenumber, do not use any special characters.
-w, --wait seconds
wait seconds seconds after CONNECT, before processing the call.
-b, --busy seconds
wait seconds seconds after BUSY, before starting the next try.
-r, --redial num
try num times on BUSY before giving up.
-x, --debug debug
set debug level to debug. debug is a set of the characters EWIAD or FULL, where FULL means full debugging and

E - error messages
W - warnings
I - informations
A - action messages (main routines)
D - debugging messages

-e, --stderr
log all messages to stderr instead of writing to the logfile /var/log/vboxputty-ttyI*.log. Use this option with daemontools' svscan(8) and supervise(8).
-h, --help
print usage information and exit.
-v, --version
print version information and exit.

See Also

vboxgetty(8), ttyI(4)



Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>

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