G. Pape

runit - installation

runit installs into /package. If you don't have a /package directory, create it now:
 # mkdir -p /package
 # chmod 1755 /package
Download runit-2.1.2.tar.gz into /package and unpack the archive
 # cd /package
 # gunzip runit-2.1.2.tar
 # tar -xpf runit-2.1.2.tar
 # rm runit-2.1.2.tar
 # cd admin/runit-2.1.2
On MacOSX, do
 # echo 'cc -Xlinker -x' >src/conf-ld
 # cp src/Makefile src/Makefile.old
 # sed -e 's/ -static//' <src/Makefile.old >src/Makefile
Now compile and install the runit programs
 # package/install
If you want to make the man pages available in the /usr/local/man/ hierarchy, do:
 # package/install-man
To report success:
 # mail pape-runit-2.1.2@smarden.org <compile/sysdeps
If you use runit regularly, please contribute to the project.

Refer to replacing init for replacing init with runit, or to use with traditional init for running runit's service supervision with your system's current init scheme.

Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>