G. Pape


utmpset - logout a line from utmp and wtmp file


utmpset [ -w ] line


The utmpset program modifies the user accounting database utmp(5) and optionally wtmp(5) to indicate that the user on the terminal line has logged out.

Ordinary init(8) processes handle utmp file records for local login accounting. The runit(8) program doesn’t include code to update the utmp file, the getty(8) processes are handled the same as all other services.

To enable local login accounting, add utmpset to the getty(8) finish scripts, e.g.:

$ cat /service/getty-5/finish
exec utmpset -w tty5


wtmp. Additionally to the utmp file, write an empty record for line to the wtmp file.

Exit Codes

utmpset returns 111 on error, 1 on wrong usage, 0 in all other cases.

See Also

sv(8), runsv(8), runit(8), runit-init(8) runsvdir(8), runsvchdir(8), chpst(8), svlogd(8), getty(8)



Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>

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