G. Pape

qconfirm - upgrading from previous versions

0.13.0 or 0.13.1 to 0.14.x

No further action from you is required.

0.12.0 or 0.12.1 to 0.13.0 or 0.13.1

Additionally to automatically confirming outgoing mail messages to other qconfirm users, qconfirm-notice now can be told to attempt to identify confirmation request message from TMDA users, and to auto-confirm delivery if the confirmation request message is identified and validated successfully. To ease identification and validation of delivery confirmation request messages, I propose that a special Message-ID is created for confirmation request messages. qconfirm already does this.

The delivery confirmation messages sent by qconfirm-notice no longer have an empty envelope sender. If you have configured qconfirm for outoing mail messages, please remove the Return-Path: <> line (normally the 2nd line) from the delivery confirmation message in ~/.qconfirm/msg/confirm, e.g.:

 Subject: Confirming delivery

 Hi. This is the qconfirm mail-handling program.  I've received a delivery
 notification that I identified as a delivery confirmation request.
A qconfirm-protected mail address has been set up in message mode for testing purposes. Send a message to test@qconfirm.smarden.org to receive a delivery confirmation request message. Confirmed messages are discarded.

0.11.0 to 0.12.0 or 0.12.1

Don't upgrade from versions prior 0.10.1 directly to version 0.12.0. Upgrade to version 0.11.0 first, remove the -d option from qconfirm-check in all dot-qmail files, and then upgrade to version 0.12.0.

With this version the qconfirm programs no longer get their configuration through environment variables only, but from configuration files in the sub-directory conf of the qconfirm directory. Only the path to the qconfirm directory is set either through the environment variable QCONFIRM_DIR or through the command line option -d. Please change the invocation of the qconfirm programs in your dot-qmail files to not use envdir, but the -d option. E.g., if this is the first line in a dot-qmail file:

  |envdir .qconfirm/conf qconfirm-check -b
change it to
  |qconfirm-check -d.qconfirm -b
New in this version is the qconfirm-inject program, that can be used to send mail messages originated from the mail address qconfirm is configured for so that delivery notifications are handled through the new qconfirm-notice program, and follow-ups can be detected by qconfirm-check-mid. This enables qconfirm to automatically confirm delivery of sent mail messages. See how it works for details.

qconfirm-cdb-check now does extended envelope sender address matching for domains and sub-domains by default. The -d option is obsolete, and causes a warning in the log. New is the -D option for disabling extended envelope sender address matching. Please remove the -d option from qconfirm-cdb-check in your dot-qmail files.

0.10.1 to 0.11.0

With this version qconfirm is capable of sending a preview of a message, currently held in the qmail queue and waiting for confirmation, to the owner of the qconfirm directory. See the faq and the man pages for details.

0.9.2 or 0.9.3 to 0.10.1

Backward compatibility with version 0.8.0 and older has been removed from the code. Don't upgrade from version 0.8.0 or older directly to 0.10.1, upgrade to 0.9.3 first, run this version for at least one week (queuelifetime seconds), then upgrade to 0.10.1.

qconfirm-check now does extended envelope sender address matching for domains and sub-domains by default. The -d option is obsolete, and causes a warning in the log. New is the -D option for disabling extended envelope sender address matching. Please remove the -d option from qconfirm-check in your dot-qmail files.

0.9.0 to 0.9.2 or 0.9.3

The qconfirm-check-mid program is new. It can be run by qconfirm-check before requesting a delivery confirmation to check for known references in the mail headers, and perhaps allow the message without confirmation. See here for details.

0.8.0 or 0.8.1 to 0.9.0

The qconfirm command line interface now optionally supports manipulating the constant database (cdb) for known ids, additionally to manipulating the qconfirm directory. See the man page for details.

0.7.1 to 0.8.0 or 0.8.1

Since this version qconfirm optionally supports a constant database (cdb) for known envelope sender ids. See How to use cdb for details.

In version 0.8.1 the format of some of qconfirm-check's log messages changed.

0.6.1 to 0.7.0 or 0.7.1

There is the new qconfirm-control program for optionally controlling qconfirm through email. See Control qconfirm through email for more information. The qconfirm program now prints human readable time-stamps (YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS) when listing addresses or ids, and is capable to maintain the .qconfirm/bad/ directory.

0.5.2 to 0.6.0 or 0.6.1

The qconfirm-check program now supports bouncing of mails from specified envelope senders, see the faq for details, and is able to match envelope sender addresses based on the sender's domain with a simple wild-card mechanism, see domain matching.

There is a new program qconfirm-return. This program can be used to configure qconfirm's automatic bounce message handling to reduce the amount of doublebounces caused by qconfirm.

0.4.0 to 0.5.1 or 0.5.2

There is a command line interface for managing mail addresses in a qconfirm directory with qconfirm-check running in sender mode. See the qconfirm program.

0.3.4 to 0.4.0

qconfirm-check handles its own lock file in sender mode. The invocation of the setlock program in the .qmail file is no more needed and should be removed. Edit the corresponding .qmail files and change the line for running qconfirm-check, e.g.:


  |setlock .qconfirm/lock envdir .qconfirm/conf qconfirm-check
  |envdir .qconfirm/conf qconfirm-check
where .qconfirm is the corresponding qconfirm directory and remove the obsolete lock file:
  $ rm .qconfirm/lock

Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>
$Id: upgrade.html,v 1.30 2004/08/23 20:42:50 pape Exp $