G. Pape

tinydyndns - installation

Check that you have the recent version of daemontools, djbdns, qmail and cvm installed.

If you run Debian GNU/Linux (woody, sarge, or sid), just add the location of the smarden debian packages to the apt sources.list and do:

 # apt-get update
 # apt-get install daemontools djbdns qmail cvm

tinydyndns uses the djbdns sources to build. Download djbdns-1.05.tar.gz and tinydyndns-0.4.2.tar.gz and unpack the archives:

 # gunzip djbdns-1.05.tar
 # tar -xpf djbdns-1.05.tar
 # rm djbdns-1.05.tar
 # gunzip tinydyndns-0.4.2.tar
 # tar -xpf tinydyndns-0.4.2.tar
 # rm tinydyndns-0.4.2.tar
Note that you possibly need to apply a patch to djbdns when using newer version of glibc. If so, see djbdns.org.

Copy the source files of tinydyndns into the djbdns source directory and compile the tinydyndns programs:

 # cp tinydyndns-0.4.2/* djbdns-1.05/
 # cd djbdns-1.05
 # make -f Makefile.tinydyndns
Install the tinydyndns programs in /usr/local/bin:
 # make -f Makefile.tinydyndns install-tinydyndns
If you want to make the man pages available, compress them and copy them into a directory man will look in (see $MANPATH):
 # gzip tinydyndns-*.8
 # install -m0644 tinydyndns-*.8.gz /usr/local/man/man8/

See Configuration for setting up your own pop-before-dyndns service or something similar.
Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>