G. Pape

Projects I was working on

runit - cross-platform Unix init scheme with service supervision
socklog - system and kernel logging services
ipsvd - internet protocol service daemons
qconfirm - delivery confirmation process for mail
tinydyndns - pop-before-dyndns service using djbdns

Former projects

official Debian packages
unofficial Debian packages
djbdns, daemontools, ... - man pages, public domain libraries

vbox3 - ISDN voice response system for Linux
raccess4vbox3 - add-on to vbox3


If you're looking for a contact concerning one of my open projects, please see the corresponding web page for a mail address for non-private discussions. As my projects are open source, I prefer public development and open discussions.


I very appreciate contribution to my open projects. Please send bug reports, patches, documentation fixes, suggestions, questions, and answers to questions, to the associated mailing lists.

Please also contribute by donating cash through paypal, or contact me for arrangement.


Thanks to dotsrc.org, d-hosting, SysEleven for providing free hosting for many years, and to Lukas Beeler, Charles Duffy, anonymous, Joost van Baal, E-Hippo Corp., Lukas Beeler, Peter Madams, David Updegraff, George Georgalis, anonymous, Keith Burdis, anonymous, DOM-TV.IN team, anonymous, DOM-TV.IN team, Anders Brownworth, Robert Hencke, anonymous, anonymous, MagmaSoft for donations to my open projects.
gpg-key: http://wwwkeys.pgp.net:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xB14D13CC
Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>