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Because D. J. Bernstein provides only html documentation for some of his software, I created manual pages from the contents of his documentation.

Look here for man-pages for djbdns, daemontools and ucspi-tcp.

In version 0.76 of daemontools, D. J. Bernstein put most of the C library code into the public domain. I have bundled these files with some scripts and a Makefile that builds the unix.a, byte.a, and time.a libraries. The archive is next to the man pages.

Thankfully in November 2002 D. J. Bernstein put the djbdns client library into the public domain (see here). I have bundled these files, added a test program and a Makefile that builds a djbdns library. The archive is next to the man pages.

The manual pages are also available as Debian GNU/Linux deb packages:

You can download the packages, or just add

  deb http://smarden.org/pape/Debian sarge unofficial
  deb-src http://smarden.org/pape/Debian sarge unofficial
to /etc/apt/sources.list on Your Debian GNU/Linux (sarge) System,
  deb http://smarden.org/pape/Debian woody unofficial
  deb-src http://smarden.org/pape/Debian woody unofficial
to /etc/apt/sources.list on Your Debian GNU/Linux (woody) System and
  # apt-get update
Then install the packages as usual with apt, dpkg or dselect, e.g.:
  # apt-get install djbdns-doc daemontools-doc ucspi-tcp-doc

The djbdns client library is also available as Debian package and FreeBSD port.

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