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tinydyndns - pop-before-dyndns service using djbdns

How to install tinydyndns
Upgrading from previous versions of tinydyndns

How to configure tinydyndns
How to provide a failover solution

The tinydyndns-conf program
The tinydyndns-update program
The tinydyndns-data program

A fake-pop3d script
A fake-pop3 script

tinydyndns provides a simple and powerful dynamic DNS solution. The usage is nearly fool proof, feel free to test it:

There is a pop-before-dyndns service running on dyn.smarden.org. This service knows about the dynamic hostname floyd.dyn.smarden.org and handles it respectively. Simply connect to the POP mailbox floyd@dyn.smarden.org with your favorite POP3 client to update the DNS record floyd.dyn.smarden.org. Don't worry, the POP mailbox always is empty, you never get mail from it.

Easy to remember:

Test it:
 $ telnet dyn.smarden.org 110
 Trying a.b.c.d...
 Connected to dyn.smarden.org.
 Escape character is '^]'.
 +OK <8746.1015174596@dyn.smarden.org>
 USER floyd
 PASS guest
 Connection closed by foreign host.
Check the dynamic hostname:
  $ dnsipq floyd.dyn.smarden.org
The output should contain your system's IP address.
See Installation for installing tinydyndns, and Configuration for setting up your own pop-before-dyndns service or something similar.
tinydyndns is discussed on the <misc@list.smarden.org> mailing list. To subscribe send an empty email to <misc-subscribe@list.smarden.org>. Send an empty email to <misc-help@list.smarden.org> for more information about this list.

A mailing list archive is available at gmane.org.

Thanks go to the Innominate Security Technologies AG for sponsoring this project.
Gerrit Pape <pape@smarden.org>